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Get unique massage experience from qualified massage therapists with massage on demand app

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The word ‘massage’ has been misconstrued over the years in many ways. There are so many different ways in which this word has been interpreted in the recent past that customer and service provider alike have been scared and mistrustful of hiring massage therapists. A beautiful service has turned into a nightmare. But all of this has changed with the advent of the on demand massage therapist apps.

Before we understand how the app itself has generated faith amongst its users and whether or not people trust it, let us try to understand what an on demand massage therapist app is and how it works.

on demand massage therapist app

Understanding the On Demand Concept

The on demand apps are essentially types of apps that make services available the moment a customer wants it with the help of a mobile application and the various features of the smart phones. This is how the app flows:

  1. The user downloads the app and registers into it.
  2. The user then fills out some information regarding their name, payment information etc.
  3. After that is done, the user can look the app for the type of massage they are looking for. For example, Sciatic Nerve massage, Head Massage, Chronic Pain Massage, Lower Back Massage, Facial massage, Spondylitis massage etc.
  4. When the user selects the type of massage they want, they can click on it.
  5. Then they will be able to see a list of service providers with the expertise in that particular massage.
  6. Along with the details of the therapist, the user will also be able to see the start rating of the services provider and the charges that he or she levies per session.
  7. The user can then book the therapist of their choice.
  8. The app will send a notification with the particulars as a job request to the therapist. He or she may or may not accept said request.
  9. In case the therapist rejects the request, the request will automatically bounce on to the next service provider.
  10. On accepting the request, the user will be notified of the same. The user will get all the details including the time slot selected, the agreed upon price and the service and other important particulars of the service provider.
  11. When the service provider comes to the location of the user, the app notifies him or her of the same.
  12. Once the services are rendered, the app automatically makes the payment to the therapist and deducts the charges from the user.
  13. Now, both, the users, as well as the massage therapist are free to provide a star rating for each other.

The Growing Trust

Typically, when you hire a massage therapist, you are shooting in the blind. You have to take their word for it when they say that they know specific massages, we have to believe them, when they say they are professionals, we believe them, but we don’t really know whether they are truly qualified to handle serious ailments such as sciatica etc.

With the help of an app, such doubts are almost invariably cleared. Registering your services on an app ensures that the service providers go through a vetting process. This process ensures that they can verify the documentation or certification of the service provider that is the massage therapist.

What’s more, the users can see the price of the services and the star rating awarded to them by their previous customers. This is the best way to ensure that the massage therapist is real, genuine and authentic.

However, one thing to be noted is that when it comes to massage therapy, it is not just the users that are worried. Massage therapists are also constantly worried about how their clients perceive and treat them .They do not want to be misunderstood as sex workers and be disrespected. Some times, users can be extremely insensitive, disrespectful and nasty.

Having massage bookings through an app puts their minds on ease. The app will make sure that the customers know exactly what they are getting for what they are paying. What’s more, the time and the money for each kind of service are clearly mentioned on the app. This removes any scope of ambiguity and ensures that the users don’t bargain or fight regarding the services and the payment at any cost. The app also takes care of automatic payments so that there is no confusion or ambiguity at any stage.


A helpful, necessary and beautiful service has been misconstrued to be nothing but chargeable conjugal service for many years. With the help of a mobile app that works with the on demand model makes it easy and secure for massage therapists to find genuine clients looking for their expertise in massage therapy rather than any other thing. It also allows users to find respectable, reliable and a unique massage experience from qualified massage therapists with the massage therapist on demand app.

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