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Generally, whenever you’ve been asked to attend a party, you are required to carry a gift. These invites can be of something like birthdays, marriages, and babies “the major ones.” The flexibility with which to attend any occasion and come with the expected gift has changed. Throughout the year, events are observed more often than not with relatives, but also friends, colleagues and other relations. Ultimately gift-giving ground laws must be placed inside the friends and family group. When such events, holidays or festivals appear on the schedule, there would be no shame then. People all over the world send cheap gifts to Pakistan to their relatives or luxurious gifts to express themselves.

Different occasions to give gifts:

  1. Birthdays: A birthday is a day someone is born to celebrate. It’s typically celebrated with relatives and friends who offer the celebrant presents. Even birthdays are shared with friends at work. For staff leaders to exchange card and birthday cake, maybe even an early lunch or drinks after work.
  2. New job- A new career or advancement is something that people are excited over. It’s an expression of self-fulfilment and you can make it more special through communicating it with them by gift-giving. It shows you share their joy and is pleased with their achievement.
  3. Newborn Baby: A premature baby is deemed to be up to 4 weeks from the age of conception. It is during this period when many would usually send a small gift to all who wish to welcome the new parents and meet the boy. It may be a soft doll, shoes, jewellery or even money depending on the environment.
  4. Mother’s Day: On Mother’s day children rejoice and respect their moms. Traditions are different in some of households but breakfasts are typically produced for the mothers or at least a hot drink. They are then allowed to celebrate their unique day and relax. On this particular day, flowers may be sent out to mothers and grandmothers.
  5. Graduations: A graduation event is recognition of earning a degree or college certificate. They rejoice with children from colleges, college graduates, teachers, physicians, servants and women, skilled workers and the list goes on and on. The presents would be numerous and different for those graduates. Have fun after the years of research they need to have some fun while picking a present for their beloved school.
  6. No Special Reason: I was told recently, “Is it odd to send a present to anyone for no reason? “I simply wouldn’t ask … Even while you’re out you may see something that a loved one or a partner might appreciate you know. You don’t have to hesitate to get a chance to give them it. Why not just give them that for no apparent cause. They would then realize how much you feel for them not even on a specific day, every day.

Holding the gift-giving practice alive particularly on special days keeps us engaging with loved ones and friends on a personal level. If you send gifts to Pakistan online you gladly offer something without expecting anything in return.

          Always remember – “It is better to give than to receive”



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