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Luxurious living room tiles

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Top tiles manufacturer and supplier are the pioneer producers of ceramic tiles that apply to Green Technology. From its inception in 1999 until now, it has always invested in research and improvement. Quality tiles provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality, design, features and price.

Ceramic tiles have won the trust of numerous customers

Tiles are the most popular. High-quality wooden porcelain tiles designs are always up to date with the latest trends. The product is safe for the health of users and respectful of the environment. Ceramic products are applied from homes to public works. Create an elegant building experience in a unique and preeminent living space. In particular, the price of ceramic tiles is very affordable, which ensures durability and beauty, but much cheaper than imported tiles.

Ceramic tiles are durable, beautiful, and inexpensive.

The floors have various designs, bone, granite, ceramic, semi-porcelain. Tile products are available in all sizes. The most popular are the white marble tiles 300×300, 400×400, 500×500, 600×600, 800×800. Products made with Nanotechnology and green technology.  tiles are waterproof, antibacterial, do not stain, do not mold, have high flexural strength, and have a good load-bearing capacity. The applications of modern printing technology are digital printing and random printing.  tiles provide many sharp patterns and true colors.

linings have many outstanding advantages

The wall tiles make the wall surface always clean, bright and beautiful. Save cost and effort in wall cleaning. With many tile sizes, customers can choose based on area, preferences, and design. The design of the  tiles used for wall cladding is also very diverse, catching up with the trend. Each living person can choose the appropriate mosaic pattern. Such as living room tiles, bedroom wall tiles, kitchen tiles.

Ceramic Tiles Give Customers More Options

As for  ceramic tiles, the first thing to highlight is the beautiful design, then the highest quality and finally the easy combination with interior and exterior spaces. The coatings are more decorative, colorful and modern, and for  floors, the characteristics are very good bearing capacity, resistance to abrasion, slippery and waterproofing.

The reason is that too narrow an area with 60×60 tiles will cause a feeling of imbalance. With smaller spaces than in the process of buying pavers. Customers should seek further advice from the sales staff.

How to choose the color and pattern of the 60×60 tiles?

When choosing 60×60 tile colors, customers need to ensure similarity. Ensure the harmony between the colored tiles with the furniture, coverings, or painted walls as well as the destination of the owner. In today’s market, tile motifs are very abundant for customers to choose from. Customers can update popular trends and do not care about fashions such as stone tile, wood tiles, rattan tile.

Tiles price in 2021

Clients interested in flooring, wall tiles. want to know the retail price or the listed price of the tiles or want advice on choosing the right tile. 

In addition, customers can go directly to the website to own tiles with quality – aesthetics – economical price. We are currently having a big promotion for all customers when buying products from.

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