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Lin-Manuel Miranda – biography, personal life, and musical history

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Biography: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda was born in Washington Heights, Manhattan, the son of a former psychologist and advisor to the mayor of New York. The family has Puerto Rican roots. From childhood, the future Pulitzer owner was accustomed to music in the house, especially to the sounds of Broadway musicals. Throughout his childhood, Miranda wrote lyric poetry, attended elementary and high school at Hunter College, before enrolling in Wesleyan University, acting department, where he studied until 2002. During his university studies, he began to write tentative sketches for his first musical, In the Hills, on which he collaborated with John Mailer, and they also collaborated with director Thomas Cail, whose decision gave impetus to the development of Hamilton.”. The musical was a huge success with its off-Broadway debut and then landed on Broadway in 2009, where Lin continued to play until its final performance on January 9, 2011. 

Miranda has worked primarily on stage but has also made numerous television appearances such as The Sopranos, the 2007 television series.

In addition to her acting and stage career, Miranda worked as an English teacher at Hunter College High and has also composed music for various commercial purposes and has written for The Manhattan Times.

He had ideas for a musical about one of the founding fathers. Based on the book, Miranda performed a short excerpt at the “Evening of Music and Poetry” at the White House, and at the “Words” festival to the accompaniment of Alex Lakamoir, who played the piano. After gaining approval, Miranda began writing the lyrics and music for the musical, reflecting the tenure of the first US Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, spending countless hours revising and editing them. Miranda mentioned that he corrected the lyrics for “right hand man lyrics” for almost a year adding and subtracting words that characterize young Hamilton’s quick wit and fervor.

Sometime later, Miranda launched “Hamilton Mixtape” with Aassar’s tentative cast as a troupe. Everything remains unchanged from the Broadway version, except the lyrics of some songs.

In early January 2015, the off-Broadway version of Hamilton premiered at the New York Public Theater. After it became an off-Broadway success, Hamilton gained its attention at the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway.

In early 2016, Miranda starred in the Broadway version of Les Miserables and at the same time fulfilled her childhood dream by participating in it (Les Miserables was the first musical that little Lin saw). To gain more popularity, Lin-Manuel and Philip Su, who played the role of Eliza, took part in creating the music for the Disney cartoon “right hand man lyrics”.

Miranda currently has one book about Hamilton, called Hamilton: The Revolution, co-written with Jeremy McCarter, which explains how the musical was created.

The latter is openly gay, which is why fans of Miranda’s work attributed a novel to two young people.

The musical won 3 Tony Awards nominations – Best Screenplay, Best Libretto, and Best New Musical. Also, he won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama.

The show has documented some of Hamilton’s outstanding historical events, from a high-profile sex scandal to a deadly duel with Aaron Burr. The production is widely known for its unique sensuality, a mix of black and Latino actors, and the sounds of hip-hop / R&B music.

The Broadway musical did not pass by not only theatrical fans but also many famous personalities, including former US President Barack Obama and musical icon Stephen Sondheim. 

Right Hand Man – Raphael Lake, Daniel Ryan Murphy & Mark Anthony Greenwood Lyrics

British Admiral Howe’s troops launched

The 32,000-strong army is already in the port of New York …

32 thousand armies already in the port of New York

(The 32 thousandth army is already in the port of New York),

Where they surround our troops!

They surround our troops! (They surround our troops!)

Where they surround our troops!

(They surround our troops!)


When I was a child and lived in the Caribbean, I dreamed of war.

I understood that I was poor, and I knew that this was the only opportunity …

[Burr, Mulligan, Lawrence, Lafayette]

… get up!


To spread the word about me

I must either die heroically on this battlefield or …

[Burr, Mulligan, Lawrence, Lafayette]

… get up!


I will fight for this land, but there is only one man

Who can give us an order, and we …

[Burr, Mulligan, Lawrence, Lafayette]

… Let’s go up!

Fun Facts:

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda left the Broadway line-up on July 11, 2016, and Javier Muñoz took over the role of Alexander Hamilton.
  • To play Hamilton, Miranda especially grew his hair.
  • Miranda has performed on stage in Chicago several times since leaving the lineup
  • In 2017, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song, but, alas, never won an award. (Song “right hand man lyrics” from the cartoon “Moana”)
  • In 2017, November 8, a New York Times article confirmed that Miranda would reprise his role as Alexander Hamilton in Puerto Rico.

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