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As more companies are evolving and using advanced technology, it is time for field service to adapt paper-less operations as well. Due to the numerous advantages and success rates, field service management software is becoming more and more common. This software can be installed in mobile phones as well and even more, features can be utilized by the company. The mobile app for field service has several advantages not just for the company but the customers as well.

Some advantages of using a mobile app for field service management are listed below:

1. Increases Efficiency

The main benefit of having a mobile app for field services that increases efficiency by automation. With mobile apps, there is no more need for paperwork. Everything is automated and updated directly into the system. There is no more room for errors that were made earlier due to the paperwork system.

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction

By using mobile apps, the service is billed as soon as it is completed. There is no need for the technician to do the paperwork, they update the status directly on the mobile app and all the information is sent to the system directly. With the information received immediately, the process of generating the invoice starts right at the moment and the customers receive it within no time. 

For the customer’s satisfaction, the mobile app plays an important role as the technicians keep updating the real-time progress through their mobile phones. The customers stay updated on what tools are being used for the work given to the technicians and how well they are working. The customers receive a picture of before and after the fieldwork which acts as a proof for the work done. These features satisfy the customer and keep them happy.

3. Ensures billing of all service calls

Each company faces a loss due to the services that are provided unofficially or did not make it to records for some reasons. The field service management mobile apps help to overcome this loss by making sure that everything is recorded in the accounts. With the mobile apps, the technicians are forced to put everything used in the service to the app. No spare parts or service can go un-billed. Invoices are generated immediately and are not forgotten due to what-so-ever reasons. The mobile app keeps track of every equipment, tool and service that is being used so that the company does not suffer any loss.

4. Efficient route planning

A special feature that these field service management mobile apps offer is to plan the route efficiently. There are many benefits to planning efficient routes like it saves money spent on fuel and repair of the vehicle, timely delivery of the service etc. The apps take into account the location of the customer and the locations of each technician through Google Maps. It then calculates the shortest distance of the appropriate technician to the customer and sets the appointment accordingly. This increases the productivity of the business.

One of the software that provides these features is HVAC field software. Due to these advantages, the mobile apps for field service management are increasingly in demand and you should try it as well.

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