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Jewellery Essentials To Add In The Wardrobe

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People these days are more inclined towards capsule wardrobes. They try to make a minimalist approach to their closet and try to fit their outfits and accessories in them together.

One must also do a capsule jewellery collection as well to save space and the dilemma on what to wear with what. Before going to a jewellery fashion store one has to have a very clear idea on what exactly must be included in their capsule jewellery wardrobe. This has to be filled in keeping in mind the styles one prefers to wear and love to carry. Here are some essentials that they can easily add to their jewellery wardrobe:

Diamond Stud Earrings

These studs are to be the easiest jewellery piece that one can add to their wardrobe. One can wear them anytime, anywhere and they match with almost every outfit. This can be worn effortlessly at any time of the day. In fact, not even diamond but any basic stud pair can fit the bill here. One can go for silver studs or small gemstone ones depending on their style of preference.

Pendant Necklace

One must add a simple pendant to their jewellery box. This can go well with any necklace. It is an effortless way to dress the neck and pendant necklaces look great with any neckline. In fact, they look even better when they are paired up with scoop neckline or V neckline outfits. One can go for an 18 inch pendant necklace which is extremely versatile or there is always the traditional necklace with a stylish locket pattern.

Bangle Bracelets

They often stand out as accessories and one can always mix bangles with bracelets to make a stylish stack out of it. When one pairs up with a western outfit, then it can completely give one a boho chic look and this is very unique. It is a good idea to keep 2 or 3 sets of bangles in the jewellery box to mix and match.

Classic Watch

Yes, this is something that never goes out of style. In fact, watches are just not for style because they are quite useful as they show time. There are various styles and designs of watches that are available and one can go for simple leather bands or the metal band ones. Then there are big dialled and small dialled watches along with smart watches as well. One can add more than one watch to their wardrobe to match up with their outfits.

Hoop Earrings

These are always in style and add a lot of effortless fashion quotient to one. Hoop earrings are available in different sizes, materials and colours and one can choose a pair depending on the size of their face and their preference. They look elegant with most outfits.

Unique Ring

A statement ring should be there in the jewellery wardrobe. This can be worn in order to escalate one’s look. One can wear them to any evening party or a wedding occasion.

All the above mentioned things are available at online jewellery stores.

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