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How To Protect Confidential PDF Files Through Your Android Devices?

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Technology has given us several file formats to accomplish our day to day tech-tasks, PDFs being the most common format. PDF files are easy to use and have a lot to offer including an option to password-protect your files.

With the advent of technology, now we have many file formats to accomplish our tech-tasks. Some of them are-.doc, .ps, .exe, .pdf etc. But the most commonly used file format is PDF. The portable document formats are easy to use and offer many benefits. But the most important advantage of these files are, we can easily password-protect PDFs.

Moreover, securing such files with a strong password is essential when you have stored some classified data in those files. In this article, we will explore a brilliant app that lets you easily password protect your PDF files.

How To Set A Password To Protect Your PDFs With FlashScan?

Setting a password to your PDF files is easy with a smart PDF creator app. But why should we do that? Let’s know the benefits of it first.

Why Should We Password Protect PDFs?

There are many advantages of encrypting PDF with a password. Here are the main benefits of it.

  1. Data Security- The biggest advantage of encrypting PDF files is data security. A few industries like health, financial firms, government organizations, etc need well-protected data to run smoothly. 
  2. Store Intellectual Property In PDFs- Since PDfs are the most professional file formats, globally people prefer to use it. You can easily store your trade secrets, internal processes, marketing strategies etc and secure it with a strong password.
  3. Stop Unwanted Distribution– Leaked data and details are dangerous for any business. Secure your classified data with a smart PDF creator app and lock it through a password to stop any unwanted distribution.
  4. Manage Who Sees / Edit PDF Data- At times, you may have to widely distribute the PDF file but you can allow everyone to0 view all the pages and edit them. In such cases, you can lock your pdfs with a password.
  5. Restrict Unwanted Sharing/Printing– Set a strong password to your data and restrict unwanted sharing and printing.
  6. Stay Unique- Business is all about using unique strategies and products. Stay authentic by allowing limited numbers of people to access your business plans. You can lock such data by using a password for PDF files.

FlashScan- The Best PDF Creator App

There are many scanner apps in the market. But FlashScan is the most professional and reliable scanner app. Here are the main features of this document scanner app.

  • It generates sharp PDF files with a single tap.
  • This app offers an intuitive PDF Viewer tool that lets you perform various operations on your PDF files.
  • FlashScan offers many PDF templates- Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4(default-size), A5 sizes are the most common page sizes.
  • You can easily set a password to encrypt any PDF files using FlashScan.
  • You can effortlessly compress your PDFs for quick sharing with FlashScan.
  • Users can scan their signature and place it on PDFs with this PDF creator app for Android.
  • Placing a custom watermark is quick and easy with this PDF creator app for Android devices.

How To Password Protect Your PDF Files With FlashScan?

Here we share a step-to-step guide to set a password to your important PDF files with FlashScan.

Step 1Download FlashScan -one of the most reliable PDF creator apps for Android phones.

Step 2– Go to the dashboard and tap on the Doc Scanner.

Step 3– The new user will have a blank Doc scanner you can add an image from the gallery or directly take the photo through your device.

Step 4– Scan the image and before saving choose The PDF format.

Step 5– You can use any editing filters if you require them.

Step 6– Go to the PDF Viewer and select your PDF file.

Step 7– Set a password to your PDF and encrypt your classified data. 

Anyone can encrypt confidential data with FlashScan. It is a child’s play to set a password to such files. But FlashScan is more than that. It offers many other features.

What Are The Benefits Of FlashScan?

FlashScan is a comprehensive scanner app that offers the below-mentioned functionalities for free.

  • It scans all types of documents, Qr, and Barcodes easily.
  • It offers a robust OCR for text extraction, which also helps in translation.
  • Users get captivating filters with FlashScan.
  • It offers easy save, share, scan, delete, and share options.

Concluding Notes

Encrypt your confidential PDF files with a password to get a high level of security. However, you can’t properly secure your PDF if you don’t have the required tools. We highly recommend you to use FlashScan. 

Password protect your PDFs with this PDF creator app and enjoy data security for free.

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