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How To Improve Wellbore Stability With The Help Of Drilling Chemicals?

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The drilling chemicals provided by the drilling chemicals manufacturers in India always help in making sure that all the industrial houses have proper access to the best quality additives and products so that wellbore stability has been maintained and ROP has been optimised very well. When the companies go with the option of utilising these kinds of chemicals they will be availing several kinds of benefits very easily.

 Following is the comprehensive range of chemicals provided by the companies:

 -Cloud point glycols/ shale inhibitors/ lubricants: These kinds of additives are versatile as well as low toxic chemicals that have been very efficiently designed for the low to salinity water level systems and are very easily utilised in both low and high formation temperature systems in isolation or combination with the salts.

 -Polyamine based shale stabilizers: These kinds of additives are based shale inhibitor stabilizers to stabilise the reactive shale’s as well as other things at the time of drilling with the water-based drilling fluids. These kinds of products are very much effective into inhibiting the clay swelling and the hydration of the coatings so that bit bailing has been prevented had reduced torque, as well as drags, can be achieved.

 -Extreme pressure lubricants: These kinds of additives are the general and the specialised purpose extreme pressure lubricants that are very well utilised in reducing the torque, drag and the possibility associated with the wall sticking. These kinds of lubricants always find their application into the highly deviated wellbores where the tough lubricating film is required between the wall cake as well as the string.

 -ROP enhancers: These kinds of products are low toxic as well as versatile chemicals that have been specifically designed for the medium and high salinity water level systems. These kinds of chemicals are well known to provide proper stability along with high-temperature filtration control and reduced to dilution rates with the bit bailing systems. Under the not disposed polymer system, this is the most effective component in case it is utilised with the inhibitive salts like KCI.

 -Foam control agents/ Defoamers/ Antifoams: Utilisation of these kinds of chemicals is the most effective way of disrupting the formation of foam. This particular goal can be achieved with the help of introducing the control surfactant into the whole system. These kinds of chemicals function by spreading over the gas and liquid interface so that foam formation materials are prevented from coming to the surface and surface layer will never sustain the foam.

 -Drilling detergents: These kinds of additives are very well utilised in reducing the surface tension of the water-based mud systems as well as the sticking tendency of the water-sensitive formulations so that overall goals are achieved and there is no issue throughout the process.

 The drilling mud chemicals if utilised properly will always help in making sure that the overall goals of the organisations are easily achieved and cost, as well as production optimization, is there every time.

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