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Gurugram Authorities Explore 24×7 Water Supply Upgrade for the City

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The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) are actively considering a significant upgrade to the city’s water supply system, aiming to ensure a seamless 24×7 water supply to all residents. According to a communication from the corporation, this measure is being taken to meet the growing water demand in the city, which is expected to reach 1,300 MLD (Million Liters per Day) in the next three decades, a considerable increase from the current demand of 550 MLD. The primary water sources for the city are the Gurgaon water supply canal and NCR canal, with the GMDA overseeing the master services, while the MCG is responsible for distribution.

To progress towards this goal, the MCG has enlisted the expertise of IQT Italy as the design and supervision consultant. The project preparation has reached the Detailed Project Report (DPR) stage and is poised for implementation.

In pursuit of exploring the best approach to address the challenges of implementing such a transformative scheme, the MCG organized a pre-investor meet, inviting major private sector players specializing in water and urban infrastructure. During the meeting, Commissioner PC Meena sought insights and best practices from these prospective players, seeking the most viable development model to undertake the ambitious project.

Prominent industry players like L&T, Veolia, Suez, Ramky, Wabag, Jindal Water, Vishvraj, M P Birla group, Vital Capital & Swach attended the meet. They shared their experiences from various 24×7 water supply projects already underway in cities like Nagpur, Delhi, Pune, and Shimla, providing valuable insights and examples of successful implementations.

The meeting, presided over by Commissioner Meena, witnessed the presence of teams from both the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram and the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, fostering collaborative efforts towards the city’s water infrastructure enhancement.

The proposed upgrade to 24×7 water supply in Gurugram represents a significant step towards ensuring a sustainable and reliable water distribution system for its residents. The engagement with private sector experts underscores the commitment to leverage best practices and experiences from successful projects across the country, ultimately benefiting the city’s populace and advancing its urban development goals.

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