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Ghee has a lot of medicinal values

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Ghee is considered to be a super food because it is not only health boosting but also very much rejuvenating. According to Ayurveda, desi ghee is considered to be a great health tonic which one must keep consuming in small doses.

One can always buy medicinal ghee online but before having them one can ask an expert about the exact amount that they need to intake. Here are some health benefits of ghee:

  • Ghee has saturated fat which is great for brain health. Neurons and fibres that are present in the brain are mainly formed by these saturated fats that are found in ghee. On the other hand, this saturated fat is a fundamental building block for brain cells and so ghee plays a very important role when it comes to the development of healthy brain.
  • Ghee is said to be rich in cholesterol which is another important brain boosting nutrient. This works as a brain protecting anti oxidant and also supplies the body with Vitamin D. Ghee also contains choline and Omega 3 fatty acids which are very important as brain nutrients.
  • Ghee is said to be the richest source of butyric acid and a short chain of fatty acid which can help the intestinal wall to proliferate. It can cause the repair and growth of new tissues in the digestive tract and protects one from having colon cancer and those who are suffering from leaky gut syndrome. It helps the digestive tract to get rid of gluten, toxins, antibiotics and other allergens by keeping it clean and healthy. Food and medicine consumption on a regular basis can cause holes and scarring in the intestinal wall. But if ghee is consumed regularly, then the butyric acid present in it can reverse that damage and reduce any kind of inflammation on the digestive tract. This butyric acid can also strengthen the gut flora which can remove the unwanted pathogen from the human body.
  • Ghee is enriched with a lot of vitamins. It has Vitamin A in a retinol form which can help one to come out from any kind of vitamin deficiencies. They are good for skin, hair and eye health. It has Vitamin E is a good amount which is one of the most important anti oxidants necessary for a human body. Then there is Vitamin K2 which is very much essential for healthy heart and bones. It can protect one from tooth decay and calcification of arteries.
  • According to Ayurvedic studies, ghee has the ability to increase the life force in a human body. It can remove the stress that can be caused by sexual excess, disturbed sleep and other toxins.
  • Ghee is said to restore harmony and balance in the human body, it can pacify the body from inside and relax one both physically and emotionally. Having ghee with milk at night can help one to have a good sleep.

One can use medicated ghee to reduce inflammations and other issues that one can face.

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