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Full Guide for Beas Kund Trek

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One of the most famous journeys from Manali, the Beas Kund journey has its own strict just as heavenly centrality. The joy of the mountains, the serenity of the glades, the perfect air and the sweet quiet of waters surging against the stones, such is the magnificence of the Beas Kund trek

As the name recommends, the trip is to the Beas Kund, the journey to the initiation of the stream Beas.However, it isn’t the basic perspective on the ice sheet and the lake that makes this journey as shocking as it could be, yet it is the very much trampled way of the trip which takes you through the most staggering perspectives on the mountains and valleys. 

Another reality that adds a quill to this trip is the restricted time where it tends to be finished. Totally appropriate for learners as well, an endeavor on this trip can be finished inside 3 days or at the end of the day a long end of the week. 

Best Time to Visit 

The best an ideal opportunity to wander into this trip is from Mid-May to Mid-October all things considered during these months the temperatures in the area are moderate enough for traveling and sufficiently ideal to get the best perspectives on the tremendous showcase of nature. 

Food and Water: Beas Kund Trek 

It is encouraged to convey your own water for the journey as there is a less chance of getting a nonstop water flexibly. Additionally attempt to top off water for sometime later, at whatever point you get an admittance to new clean water on the trip. 

The food that is generally accessible is vegan and that too on the couple of campgrounds along the trip. At most eggs may be accessible yet there is exceptionally less likelihood of the equivalent. If not traveling with a gathering, it is proposed that you convey your own food as there are no eating sources in transit. 

Shelter  Options 

Taking everything into account, you can discover a few campgrounds en route which offer shared tent convenience for travelers. It is ideal to convey your own outdoors tents as no different methods for remain are accessible along this course. 

Things to Carry 

– A decent pair of journeying shoes is an absolute necessity. 

– Your own journeying stuff and outdoors gear. 

– Be loaded with comfortable garments, independent of the climate you are climbing in. 

– It is fundamental to convey your very own clinical and emergency treatment unit. 

– Flashlight with additional batteries. 

– Since the sun sparkles such a great amount of more splendid in high heights, ensure you have your sunscreen, shades and covers or caps. 

– To catch the all encompassing perspectives on the movement, try to convey along your camera, again with additional batteries, as you won’t will revive it along the trip. 

– Personal toiletries. 

– Water bottles, energy bars and the knapsack are the other basic which are an absolute necessity have when you adventure on this trip. 


Day 1 

Once in Manali, it is ideal to drive up to a headquarters in Solang a good ways off of 12kms. This is the point from where the trip formally starts. From Solang, jump by walking and stroll along the banks of the stream Beas for 8kms to arrive at Dhundi. This first leg of the journey is steady and long. 

Nearly simple the journey makes you run over the marvelous perspectives on Deo Tibba, Indrasan Peak and Hanuman Tibba. Once in Dhundi, you journey further to run over a little extension along the trip course. Subsequent to intersection the scaffold you will arrive at Bakerthach. 

Day 2 

The second leg of the journey from Bakerthach is relatively harder and more honored as far as the normal excellence. As you start your move from Bakerthach you will go over a minuscule lake a short time from Dhundi. This little lake is the Beas Kund, and is viewed as the root of the stream Beas. The softening of the elevated ice sheet en route to the kund is the explanation of origin of this little kund or lake. 

Among one of the most grand perspectives on the Dhauladhar range, you can observer lofty culminations around the lake like Shitidhar, Makerbeh, and Shikhar Beh.Attempt to reach so as to have the option to get appropriate rest and a decent night’s rest. 

Day 3 

Back to the underlying phase of the trip, you dive into the steady drop towards Dhundi from Bakerthach along a similar course. Once in Solang, experience the various exercises in the district and investigate the nature in this favored valley.

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