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Business Insight-How Ericsson’s 5G Transforming The Business?

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Change and transformation are necessary to sustain in the world. Whether it’s culture, organization, or business. Without change and adaption to transformation, none can progress and will ultimately be left behind.

Did you observe your business getting challenged in the job market? The pressure of rivals in the business? Don’t know what to do?

Running a business isn’t a piece of cake. It takes continuous efforts, time, and risk for businesses to establish and prosper.

If you want your business to sustain and be successive. Then transformation is all you need?

Do you know what business transformation is?

In simpler words, ‘’ Business Transformation is a change management strategy that focuses to align its processes, its customer needs, introduces new technological strategies, marketing strategies to strengthen and to stand out in the business market.’’ 

Often these transformations are triggered by external and internal factors. External Factors mainly include economic conditions, customers, competitors whereas, internal factors include companies’ culture, finances, and processes.

It is indeed necessary for a business to quickly identify and recognize the factors that are somehow affecting their business process and work towards transformation to deal with it.

One of the most powerful and internationally recognized strategies for business transformation was Ericson’s company’s 5G model. The company is known for launching live commercial networks in 4 continents for the very first time.

What is 5g? Are you familiar with the concept of 5g?

The successor to the 4g, 5g is the technological standard for cellular networks of fifth-generation used by cellular companies.

Ericson’s 5g for business makes us rethink our ways of working. The new cases of technology are emerging because of 5g technology as consumers and enterprises are set to work on the identified processes and channels that will boost their efficiency.

Wireless connectivity is at the center of this technological revolution. And this has become a reason that new opportunities are opening up for ones who are new to industries and for those who had participated in the value chain.

New business models are under formation with a focus on the programmability of networks towards the edge. The ability and willingness to share information are leading to collaboration among people of different industries. New emerging solutions are formed, that involve areas of expertise overturning traditional business models.

Ericson’s 5 g technology has been shaping the course of entire business industries in terms of digitalization. It is subsequently suggested that in the coming years around a billion of the world’s population would rely on 5g service.

Ericson’s 5g services help to assess the best 5g business opportunities and set the roadmap for how to build and operate.

So, let’s dig and learn more about how Ericson’s 5g technology can assist in business transformation.

Insight in Consumer Business:

The success of a business depends on the fulfillment of your consumer’s needs. The business has to make sure rapidly if they meet their consumer demands are being met or not.

Considering the Ericson 5g, that model paid excessive attention to the demand of its consumers. Making a fine and speedy 5g internet access to them. And they found their customer loyalty rate significantly higher than before just because they met the needs of their customer.

Now, think about a scenario where you are confronted with a rival in the market, you noted a significant level of drop in your product sale. What’s the first thing you can do?

You prepare and conduct thorough research to learn about your consumer needs. You collect information regarding the previous customers who lost their interest in purchasing your product and then you plan a strategy to interest your previous customer as well as to make more loyal customers.

For instance, if CV writing company has to work on their promotions they have to consider their consumer needs by introducing effective templates and making it feasible for them to have this service in a manner that they can afford.

Ericson 5g in Financial Sectors:

Pondering over the company’s unsatisfactory situation the CEO of Ericson announced and planned a strategy for the company’s growth since he strongly believed in the importance of transformation.

Among them, one of the components he emphasized upon was balancing the cost and dedicating efforts in the company’s financial department. The company remained fully committed and focused to reduce the costs in order to increase its efficiency.

The new organization or the company’s transformation this time optimized to bring both enhanced customer value with business units seeking full responsibility for business performance and end-to-end skills. 

Whereas, the new organization focused to enhance the accountability within their company through this.

For instance: Many times, content writing companies ignore the cost budget aspect. Clients are often observed asking affordable resume services near me because of the fact that the previous company’s they sought help from skyrocketed their prices.

In order for your business to flourish in the market, the transformation seeking to work on the cost reduction can surely prove to be beneficial for your business and should keep in mind their consumers before they make a shift in their business.


Also, the support for the wide range of 5g services will dictate a flexible 5g architecture for the access and core networks.

5G systems have a significant role to play in the evolution of business and society as a whole. It will expand the public network. Make it viable for different applications.

Soon, 5g will be major enabler of networked society and IoT.

5g systems will deliver a higher abstraction that will ultimately simplify the management. The 5G architecture will be cost-efficient to run.

These very characteristics and features are required to facilitate business models that will rapidly generate new revenue opportunities. 5g systems will be built in the form of programmable platforms to provide functionality.

The transformation has already been happening with NB-IoT, NFV, and management automation.

And as the entire process unfolds, global partnerships will prove essential in enabling a cross-industry engagement in defining and constructing the 5g system.

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