At the time of a pandemic situation, the parents must take care of their children in the best possible way. Babies and even toddlers don’t have as strong immunity as an adult has. So to protect their children, parents need to be aware of the tiny little things which when […]

 Providing stakeholders with business gifts is a great corporate culture. Corporate promotional gifts are a very important component to cherish and boost the business relationships and these can be given as well as received at any point in time. But many of the organizations wait for perfect occasions to provide gifts to […]

Every business understands the importance of the latest technological advancements that may help them in their daily course of action. But still, some businesses are not aware of the benefits that a technological solution may provide them. Technology has not only made our lives easier but it also improves and […]

The night sky that we as a whole love watching is loaded with incalculable stars. Yet, people have consistently pondered about the situation of these stars known to mankind. Since the beginning, civic establishments have created various techniques to peruse, comprehend, and map the sky’s stars. Babylonians, Egyptians, Indians, and […]

Gear hobs are significant in the process of gear hobbing and shaping. The quality of a gear hob determines the efficiency of the gear tooth. So, one must be very cautious and careful in selecting which gear hob to be purchased and from where to be purchased. This metal cutting […]

The notification of CAT 2020 exam was released on July 29 along with the exam schedule. The CAT exam, the most popular MBA entrance exam in India, is rotationally conducted by one of the IIMs every year. The scores of this exam can be a gateway for students to the […]

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