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After Eway Crash, Convoy To Rolls-royce Rescue, But Tanker Victims Lay There Till Ambulance Came | Gurgaon News – Times of India

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Gurgaon: The two men who died on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway on August 22 after a Rolls-Royce raced into the back of their oil tanker just lay at the spot till an ambulance reached and took them to hospital, by which time they had succumbed to their injuries.
Witnesses to the accident in Nuh said on Friday the injured passengers of the Rolls-Royce were rescued by others in the convoy of cars tailing it, but no one attended to the driver and co-driver of the tanker till the cops arrived.
Driver Rampreet was motionless but co-driver Kuldeep was seen stirring. Both were critically injured, witnesses said. The two got attention after police and a team from the National Highways Authority of India called an ambulance that reached 10 minutes after the crash. Both of them were declared dead by doctors at Nalhar Medical College.
A third person in the tanker, Gautam, survived the crash with injuries to his arms and back, but he is too traumatised to talk, according to his family in Nuh’s Ujjina. He was discharged from the hospital on Friday.
Munil Yadav said he works for the same company — APCO Infra — to which the oil tanker belonged. On the morning of the crash, he was following the oil tanker in his mixer truck on the Gurgaon-Dausa section.
“A Rolls-Royce Phantom driven at a very high speed rammed the tanker from behind. The tanker lost control and flipped. A convoy of vehicles arrived and rescued three people from the Rolls-Royce. The convoy then left,” he said. Munil said he took the help of first responders and other commuters to help Rampreet, Kuldeep and Gautam.
After the accident, it was initially said that the oil tanker was being driven on the wrong side and it was Rampreet who crashed into the Rolls-Royce. But TOI reported on Friday that CCTV footage from the expressway showed the Rolls-Royce — speeding at around 200kmph, going by the time stamp that shows it covered 40km in 12 minutes — hitting the tanker after apparently losing control.
The footage also showed the convoy reaching the spot soon after and security personnel, dressed in blue safari suits, pulling out three people from the Rolls-Royce. The convoy was gone by the time police and NHAI teams reached the site. A source at Medanta in Gurgaon had confirmed that two passengers of the Rolls-Royce, a man and a woman, were being treated at the facility and were stable. An FIR was registered on the day of the accident for rash driving and death by negligence. It did not name anyone.
Sub-inspector Ashok Kumar of the Nagina police station in Nuh said cops are collecting CCTV footage. “Some of those who were injured are admitted to a hospital in Gurgaon. We will record their statement to get more details,” he said. On Friday, Gautam’s family said he hadn’t spoken to anyone since the crash. “He is scared and the incident has left an impact… he saw death so closely,” his father Shiv Charan (61) said.
Separately, Gurgaon police are also looking at another mishap involving a Range Rover, linked to an industrialist, which caught fire on the Sohna highway. An FIR was not registered, but cops said they are investigating if the car was part of the same convoy as that of the Rolls-Royce.


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