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8 captivating tips for eye-catchy custom cd jacket printing

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Cd jackets are the perfect solutions to keep your cd safe from scratches or getting damaged. The number of materials and ways are used to print these coverings according to your needs and requirements. To make your jackets more attractive and unique, try to follow these given tips while printing them.

Unique Color Combinations:

Color works as a bridge of communication between you and your customer. That is why it is necessary to be wise while choosing them so that your customers can get an enticing and attractive look. Try to match the theme of your cd to the theme of your jacket.

Do not go with the same one color for the whole cover, use a different color for different corners or if you are going for the same for the whole, make sure to use that single color as a gradient so that different colors can be represented from one single appearance. Try to use high-resolution colors so that your pixels would not get any blur effect after printing.

Bleed Is Necessary:

It becomes daunting when you have to print and cut hundreds of designs of sheets. But it will become easy if you take enough time to trim and design one single jacket precisely. By creating a prototype, you can program your printer to take measurements from that and make hundreds of the same copies from that single prototype.

But with a printer, you would not always get 100% accurate results. To get the finest quality custom cd jackets, you have to think out of the box and maintain the design of your jacket uniquely and attractively. If you do not pay attention to the precise cut or make a jacket without bleed, a small stretch can be seen on it, though it is small in appearance but can be seen on the edge of the paper prominently.

Safety Margins:

Safety margins and bleed processes are entirely different processes though they might look the same. Bleed is to extend the artwork out from the cut line while safety margins used to move inward from the cut line by providing the same purpose but more accurately.

By taking care of safety margins, you can reduce the risk of cutting the paper for your cd cover irregularly. Though the size of the margin of your jackets may vary according to the quality and brand of your printer, starting from 125 degrees would be a nice angle for the initial margins.

Color Creation:

If you are not much accustomed to the printing world or creating designs, you may not hear about RGB and CMYK. To know about them, let us take a look at their differences. In RGB colors, each shade and color is created by combining red, green, and blue colors. This technique is used to get higher quantity contributing colors by using higher tones, while CMYK is the standard format used in every printing industry. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors are combined to create inks of different colors for your printing needs.

Maintain The Size Of The Jacket:

Using multi-purpose software always demands a defined size of the project or paper. A cd is mostly a fragile item; that is why to go for the exact size can save it from getting any damage.

The perfect size of the jacket allows the cd to fit in perfectly without hitting the walls of the jacket during shipment or handling. That is why, while cd jackets printing, it is necessary to focus on getting precise and accurate dimensions. Try to find a design that can cover the attractive aspect while providing the perfect dimensions and size to store your cd.

Text Adding:

Adding a textbox to your eco jacket CD is a way of presenting textual details about your cd or company. A textbox is not just there to print information about your cd; it can also be a way for you to promote your brand by printing your company information, address, name, engaging content for your customers, and you can also emboss your company logo on the cover.

Always Go For The Right File Type:

As the right format file can be different if you get them from different manufacturers, but still choosing the right file is essential for your printable cd sleeves.

When ordering these jackets, submitting the right type of file can prevent or reduce a lot of different errors, like getting delays and time taken printing process. Always go for the file type that is optimal to your printer and can go best with it while giving you high-quality results in a short period of time.

Resolving Issues:

The biggest issue that you can face is to miss out on fonts and changed file types. That is why, while designing your jacket, it is necessary to keep full attention to every aspect of your design to get perfect printing results.

Another problem is delivering your cd in the form of scratches. To reduce the chances of scratches, these jackets come with different insertions like foam or place holders so that your valuable cd can fit perfectly inside the jacket.

Cd jackets are perfect when you want to have a perfect and protective covering for your cd. Try to utilize every single tip that you have written if you want to design a perfect custom cd jacket to gain more attention from your audience.

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