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10 tips for organizing a successful concert

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Despite appearances, it is quite easy to organize a concert near your home. Whether or not you have an association, the organization of a concert for the band you love can be done very quickly if you have a little common sense and motivation. To do this, here are some imperatives for your future evenings as an organizer to be successful. (Concerts Near Me)

1 – Find a place

There are several types of places to organize a concert. Whether in an MJC, a Scène de Mosques Actuals (SMAC), a self-managed place, a concert café, or even your neighborhood bar, you will need to find the contacts of the people responsible for these places.

Each type of room will offer you a different formula ranging from the outright rental of the place and the staff (sound, light, security technicians, bartender, etc.), to the complete and free provision of the space, through the authorization to organize a concert against a percentage perceived on the number of entries. It’s up to you to knock on all doors.And find the right compromise with the manager of the place so that everyone is a winner in the evening.

In the case of a venue that does not host concerts near me on a regular basis. Be sure to ask if there are any neighborhood problems due to noise and what is the curfew time. It would shame if the group you are hosting can only play three songs before being interrupted by the manager.

Obviously, try to prioritize places that regularly host concerts near me rather than trying to organize in the local kebab. The more the places in which you organize concerts near me recognized, the easier your promotion will be.

2 – Define the remuneration of groups

If you want to bring a group to your city. Be sure to eliminate all sources of unpleasant surprises before confirming the date. Define in advance how the group will be paid, negotiate if necessary. But be reasonable remember that to come and play in your city. Each group will have fixed costs to pay off (gasoline, tolls, wear and tear on the truck. To define the type of deal that will be applied during the concert:

The percentage at entries: the money collected at entries will be divided into predefined portions (eg: 50% for the headliner. 30% 1st party group. 20% organizer).

Guaranteed minimum: the group takes an amount defined in advance, whether the room is full or empty;

Guaranteed minimum + percentage of entries: a mix between the first two solutions;

Hats off: the group will pay themselves directly by asking those present to give what they want.

3 – Define and study the budget for your evening

This is arguably the most important point. Once you’ve figured out where to hold your concert. A set the cost for each group study as closely as possible. The overall cost of your night before you set off on the adventure for good.

Clearly define the promotional budget (printing of flyers, posters, Facebook ads, etc.). The cost of each group, the cost of the sound system. The room catering, accommodation Sacem statement. Ask yourself what the maximum capacity of the venue is. And find the best price for admission so that you and the groups don’t lose money in the evening.

Do not make the mistake of believing. Your evening will necessarily be complete. Allow a safety margin without increasing the price of the entrance in an absurd way (15 € for a concert in a PMU. It is too expensive).

4 – Prepare the catering

When hosting a group, remember to feed them properly. To find out beforehand about the group’s food preferences and any allergies. Normally everything should be present in their rider, but if they don’t have any. Ask the right questions that could prevent you from unpleasant surprises the same day (eg: “how much will you eat?

Remember that a hot meal will always be more appreciated. Then a jar of rillettes with a Guignol of rancid bread.

Likewise, plan to drink in sufficient quantity. So also check with the venue that welcomes you if drink tickets will be distributed to musicians. In any case, study and try to respect as much as possible the requirements of the groups. But do not hesitate to negotiate with them if a request seems a little excessive.

5 – Find accommodation

Once again, see with the group what they prefer: sleeping in a hotel or at a homestay. Obviously, the hotel will incur additional costs in organizing your party, so homestay accommodation is often preferred by both parties. If this option is chosen, remember to provide enough mattresses, and to accommodate the group in a clean, heated area. Also, don’t forget to plan something to make breakfast for the next morning, it’s always nice.

6 – Find a local group

Even if you love the band you invite to come and play in your town. Their notoriety may not be enough to bring enough people to the party. So feel free to add a local band or two to the poster to make the concert more engaging. Local bands with less cost to come and play should therefore not take a toll on your night’s budget. Plus they’ll bring their own audiences. which may save you from failure.

“Really? Don’t you have a sound system in your truck?”

7 – Find the backline and sound equipment

Once your party’s poster is complete and the venue is found, decide what material will be used by the groups. Indeed a group coming from far away and turning my car may not be able to bring its own drums. Or its guitar speaker. Check that the groups agree on the material that will be used during the evening.

If the timing is tight. Feel free to push them to use a common backline. A band lends their cymbals drums and guitar/bass amp bodies. And each band will need to bring their own amp head drumsticks. Snare and drum cymbals. This should save you a lot of time during board changes between groups. In addition. Extremely few bands run with their own sound system

So plan to hire a sound system and the right number of microphones if the venue is not already equipped.

8 – Take care of the administrative procedures

As a concert organizer. You must normally declare this event to Sacem. Which will ask you to pay a certain amount depending on the location. Of the concert and the groups you are playing (according to our information. Some people would sometimes forget this mandatory step. But chh hhh …).

9 – Organize the team

While it is possible to handle everything on your own as part of organizing a concert in a bar. It is often difficult to be available for all the unforeseen events of a larger party.

So be aware of each position that will be necessary and plan accordingly as a team. Accompany you during the event with a sound engineer. A person at the entrance. A cook for the catering, someone to help the groups to change board …

The larger the room and the larger the groups, the larger the team will need to be.

10 – Promote

This is undoubtedly the most important. In any case the one which has the most impact on success. Otherwise of the organization of a concert and which is unfortunately too often poorly worked. For lack of time and resources.

Promote the event, attend concerts near me of the same style, and distribute flyers. Don’t just create an event on Facebook, promote it, invite groups to share the page. Active no waits for the public. Discover for themselves the arrival of such and such an artist in their city.

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